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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yardville in the 60's and 70's

There is a Face Book Group called "Yardville in the 60's and 70's, sharing memories of times growing up during that era, these are great groups, a lot of modern and some old hsory are learned and shared on these pages, thinkiing that this may still be here when the face Book pages are gone I will post the information I find interesting here.

One story started with somone discovering a rusted sign on a pole on Kim Valley Road, Behind the 7-11, at South Broad Street, after discussion this was the sign for American Paint Factory, this was located in the remaining building of the Mack Toy Works and was destroyed by a gas explosion and fire on May 21, 1974.  Now a little History;

American Paint Factory building was originally part of a complex of 3 or 4 buildings, it was the last one standing, it was part of the Mack Toy Works Company, which later became Mack Dinette Company. The company owners home was at the corner of Highland Avenue and South Broad Street, the one on the hill across form the Baptist Church. In the 1960's Broad Street was moved or realigned, it used to be closer to Dover Plaza and The Dover Apartments, which were not there at the time. Broad Street made a hard bend where it intersected with Sunnybrae Blvd., the road to the Sunnybrae Golf Course Club House and Restaurant. They moved it closer to where the 7-11 is now, to soften the bend. The Mack Toy buildings were not as close to the road as they now seem.

Another little fact, the house next to the Rite Aid Pharmacy was not originally there, when they built Yardville Estates, they needed and entrance into the complex, so they put in Winding Way, but there was a house where they proposed to intersect it with South Broad Street, so they moved the house to its present location, next to Mack Toy Works, now Rite Aid.

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