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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Refreshment Stand

At one time this was listed as a Refreshment Stand, I have talked to the present owner of the property, they have no knowledge of what the building was used for, it is locked and they have never been in it.   I talked to some folks a little older than I and they remember it as a Hot Dog/Hamburger Stand, being a Drive-In type establishment selling Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Sodas, and Milk Shakes.  They said it was quite busy, mainly for those returning to Trenton, from the shore.
On May 30 1948, Mr. Louis Mason of Yardville – Allentown Road, Yardville was issued a building permit to construct a garage.
On Tuesday March 2, 1949, Louis Mason of Yardville was issued a permit to use a building on his property as a refreshment stand.  In the Mason decision the board included the proviso that should the stand become a nuisance the permit can be revoked by either the Zoning Board or the Township Committee.
This is how the building, located on the Yardville - Allentown Road, near the intersection of the Groveville - Allentown Road looks today.
Mr. Mason passed away in 1986, His wife passed away in 1985, he was listed as a tailor with Donnelly Men's Store, in Trenton.  Mr. Mason had a son of the same name.
Anyone having any Information on this I would appreciate it, shoot me an Email at Gary401@aol.com.
Well I asked on Face Book if anyone had any memories and information on this place, this is what I received, great job people;
Christine Coughlin Estwan commented; Christine wrote: "That is really nice to know, they were my parents neighbors, my mom always took clothes to him for repair!"
Glenn Scotti commented; Glenn wrote: "It was Shady Oaks. It also had pinball machines that we played for hours. The owner was an elderly gentleman who tolerated us as long as he could. The fruit stand down the road was Mr. Senf's. His two sons George and Fred would work there sometimes. We played Hide and seek all the time around the farm. Great days indeed!!"
Debby Lyons Muench commented; Debby wrote: "I remember. it was a real treat to stop there on a hot summer day and there was a produce stand on the road before that that we frequented"
George Senf commented; George wrote: "I remember the place. I can't remember the name of it. I think Shady something. Maybe Shady Oaks but really not sure. It was open in the late 50s and early 60s. If Glen Scotti reads this he will remember."
Mark Yaple commented; Yes I do it was called “The Shady Oak” or something like that.
Gladys Marsh commented; Gladys wrote: "yes I remember the hot dog stand we used to go there all the time. It wasn't too far from our house"
Barry Raymond Parks commented; Barry wrote: "Remember it well my father always took us there"
Elaine Harvey Kennedy commented; Elaine wrote: "I remember it!"


Lynda Mason Bunting said...

This building belonged to my grandparents. It was out front of their house. They use to have picnics there on the weekends. My grandparents were from Hungary, and my grandmother would make Hungarian dishes in the kitchen while my grandfather made hamburgers and chicken and other Hungarian outside on a big stove/grill he built on the left side of the property. The store out front had pinball machines, a few wrought iron tables and chairs and a jukebox. Ice Cream and hot dogs were served in this building. In the basement my grandfather made wine, who knows what is down there now. Behind the 3 car garage which is there now, was a hill with 2 big cement deer on it. Kids would sit on them and pretend they were riding. The hill ran down the right side of the property and my grandparents had cherry, pear, and apple trees growing. Along side the trees was a wall of grapes all the way down behind the trees. My grandmother had all kinds of flowers growing there which made the place so pretty. Behind the house my grandmother had 2 collies which she breeded, one was Dukey and Lassie. They were black and white. Beautiful dogs. My grandparents pride and joy. They also had a bird pen with chickens and a few other type of birds. In there was a peacock named Stevie, my grandparents would get his feathers and we would go around the tables and sell them to people. My grandparents would hire a Hungarian Gypsy Band to play on the weekends. They would walk around playing to all the tables. My grandmother taught us a Hungarian song and she would tell us to sing it to her friends, who would in turn give us a few cents. After my grandparents gave it up, they rented the building to a man named Bruce who made fishing lores, and sold them to sporting good stores. The building has been empty ever since. Behind the bulding is a big I think Oak tree. A lot of people who came to the picnics and to visit my grandparents have carved their initials into the tree. My sisters and I have a lot of great memories of those picnic days. It was such a fun, innocent time in our lives. I wish my girls today could have enjoyed it as much as we did.

Anonymous said...

This refreshment stand became the field trip of our 7th grade class taught by Miss Anne Lacy in June of 1955. We walked from Yardville School and had a nice picnic there. Nice memory!

Lakeside Girl (Eleanor Goldy Guear)

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