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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1932 Chevrolet Sport Roadster, Charlie Beideman

Received some interesting stuff from Chuck Beideman, he has kept a list of the cars owned by the Guys in Groveville, we both know someone that will jump on this list with additions as soon as I post it, Chuck and I are ready for his input.

Chuck also sent copies of his father, Charles Beideman's paperwork for his new 1932 Chevrolet, Sport Roadster, his father bought on his 17th Birthday, in 1932.

I added a photo of a 1932 Chevrolet Sport Roadster, I don't know a guy our age from Groveville that would not love to have this beauty of a car.

The cost of this car is about 7 tanks of gas in my Chevrolet Tahoe.

Chuck and I knew it would not be long before Charlie Donnell sent me a list, I got it the next day, like Charlie said "We wish we had these classics back", I'm glad we still remember them.

Charlie Donnell said he also had a 32 Ply, a 48 Chevy 4 door that he bought from Otto Warren for 300 bucks.

And Dave Seahorn had Charlie’s mother’s ole 55 Dodge.

Ronnie “Tink” Taylor had a 55 olds and a 58 Olds.

Tom "Tucker" Dwier, his 55 Chevy was turquoise exterior

Ronnie “Robbie” Robinson had a 59 Chev convertible.

Lynn “Bolton” Bolz had a 60 Chev.

Tom “Snodgrasses” Snyder 55 Chev was a 2 dr, hdtp in coral orange color that I converted to a stick shift. He also had a nice 48 Ford coupe he bought from Dave Stout that him and Bill Straley put a Chevy into and then drilled a hole into the side of the power glide trans when installing the Chev engine. Jimmy Gould soldered it up.

Barry Wright also had a 56 Chev with the twin antennas that we called the tuna boat.

Al “Buddy” Weiss had a 59 ply fury which was a rare find even then with all the power options it had. Then he went for a 1960 Pontiac 389 with a tri power 4 speed. A real classic today that we all wish we had back.

Gary “Lippy” Lippincott also had a 1952 Chev, with a 1956 GMC 270 6 cylinder, bored with Jahn’s domed pistons and three, one barrel carburetors, I locked the rear and spent all my money on axle’s at Brownies.

1932 Chevrolet Sport Roadster


Anonymous said...

Tom, I am never in the right place at the right time but let me mention two cars from Hamilton that were, I believe significant from at least a "car persons" standpoint. One was from the Yardville/Groveville section and the other from your dear Bromley.

At the American Gas station where Nottingham and Clinton met across from Scarpatti Wrecking, was a 1964 Pontiac GTO. Certainly not that unusual but this was a car that did, according to Pontiac, not exist. It was the all aluminum body GTO. Just a few years ago, Pontiac did affirm that there were a few made and sold by Royal Oak Pontiac in Michigan. The fellow had it for sale and when I questioned the higher than normal price he handed me a magnet.

The other may have been an original Shelby Cobra and for years languished for sale at the PhotoMat in (I believe), Yardville. It had the original AC body that was the first used by Carrol Shelby and had a 260 motor not the "289 or 427" of fame. The car first appeared at Angelo's Motors on Prospect Street in 1967. The first Cobra prototype had a 265 Chevy that history will bear out, did not happen so this may have been one of the first Ford engined cars?

Your "Hurricane Alice" had a 1962 Corvette and was said to be from Groveville or so I thought?


Tyra Shortino said...

It's amazing that the receipt and the contract have been preserved for decades, even though the car is long gone. Looking at them takes me back to the time when people could buy cars for less than a thousand bucks.