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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memories, Going to Church as a kid

My very good friend Claire Dwier Zarr, noticed in the picture that the stained glass windows not only open from the bottom, but also from the top, she mentioned this to me in an email, which sparked a whole bunch of memories about church as a child in Groveville.

During my childhood almost every one walked to church, mainly because everyone lived local, it was nice there were two services, 8:30 and 11:00, The bell would be rung prior to the service and all the neighborhood hound dogs, would howl. As we walked to church, neighbors would also be walking to church and as you neared church the group would grow, greeting each new addition with a “Good Morning”

After getting your “Church Bulletin” you eventually found your seat, after your parents stopped talking to everyone, it was the same seat, same pew, every week, it’s still that way today, if you don’t show up for church your seat is empty.

As a child in church I was allowed to bring something to occupy myself during those long sermons, that I probably didn’t understand, I was allowed a pencil and a piece of paper, to draw on, if I was particularly “antsy” that Sunday, Mom would play Tic-Tac-Toe” with me, with the paper on the pew, never so someone could see her. Trudy Atkins told me she was allowed a small coloring book and limited crayons.

When we became teenagers, or at least reached the age where we didn’t want to be associated with our parents, some things never change, we sat together in the “Amen” Pew, the back pew in the church in the, alcove. Should we “Act up” our parents would be told and next week we were back with them, like it or not.

For a short time several of us, as teenagers were in the Choir, this was definitely not for our outstanding singing ability, I think it was so our parents and everyone else could keep an eye on us, either that or just to occupy a seat in the choir.

For a while Sunday School was held in the “Old” Community House, I believe as that building grew older Sunday school was held in the church, I remember both. My father, Ken Lippincott, was the Sunday School Leader, or Secretary of the Sunday School there was a short service, which he led, then we broke up in classes by age, Sunday School was not just for kids, it was all ages. Ray Bell still tells me how he can picture my Dad leading the singing, he didn’t sing good, but he sang loud -- and proud, always wore a suit.

I remember as a kid going to church it was so hot in the summer and I still had to wear a tie, just no jacket, now we have air conditioning and I wear shorts. I remember my Dad having to go early to open the church. No air conditioning and no screens in the windows. The nice part was as you walked to church you could hear the piano being played and those that did not go to church could hear the singing and the service, all over Church Street, because they didn't have Air Conditioning either and their house windows were open, too.

To keep you cool in church each book rack on the back of the pew contained The Methodist Hymnal, a Bible and a hand fan, made up of a stick of wood and a cardboard fan, this had a prayer on one side and advertising on the other, "Saul Funeral Home. Hamilton Square, New Jersey"

As I remember only the lady's used the fans and use them they did, they worked up a sweat just using the fan, I think the men were smart, they took advantage of the breeze they created without expending the energy.

Now the windows are never opened, we have Air conditioning; the insurance company requires that they be covered completely with heavy Lexan Plastic on the outside to protect these valuable windows. No one on the outside can hear the beautiful singing and the service from the outside and inside we can't hear the sounds of the outdoors, like happy voices of kids running past or the birds singing. Progress?

When church was over we could not wait to get out of there, get home and get that tie off, of course our parents had to talk to all the same people they talked to on the way in, Why? We had stuff to do, while they were getting religion, we were planning a baseball game for the afternoon.

I know Dad had to get home, he had the collection money, he had to get home, count it, wrap it, write it down in that big Green Book, with the Red Binder, put it in the Green zippered bag, and then get it to the Yardville National Bank, another memory. I thought it was great, my Dad had a key to the bank, what did I know, it was only the “Night Deposit”.

I know Mom and Grand mom had to get home, Mom had to get that Chicken or Roast in the oven, it was Sunday.

As much as I didn’t want to go to church as a kid, it was a wonderful experience, besides all of the other kids in town were there too. The only ones that weren’t there were the Catholics, and it seemed they went to church a whole lot more than we did.

One proud thought is that I have followed in my Father’s footsteps, being active in the church, having held several positions, just like him. Also just like him, I can’t sing either, but I do.

Memories are a wonderful thing.

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