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Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Pettit Joy - Gilford Park

This is a letter to Mr. Nathaniel Pettit Joy, concerning his purchase of 3½ lots in Gilford Park, New Jersey, Dated July 31, 1924. During this time period several families in Groveville owned lots in Gilford Park, the Joys, the McEmoyl's and the Rollings. It always amazes me that people save letters like this for over 80 years.

Mr. Joy was known by his middle name of Pettit, He also had a brother Henry "Hen" Joy. Pettit was born in Bordentown in December 1894, lived in Groveville and was a Weaver at the Cotton Mill, he died in November, 1974.

Both he and his brother were original members of the Groveville Volunteer Fire Company.

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